You've come to the right person.

Often times, hiring a freelancer is both faster and more economical than other design sources. Keep reading and let me know if you need any of the services I offer.

Why I'm the One for the job

I am a strategic thinker.

Apart from the design, I love to contribute ideas to your project. I apply strategic thinking and reasoning to my work and always have a rationale behind the concepts and decisions in my designs. To ensure quality control, I will see a project through from conception to completion.

I have an eye for colour.

I have been working in the field for over 8 years and have had lots of experience not just as a designer but also as a production artist. This means greater working knowledge of colours and printing processes. I know what colours work best together, how to use them to enhance a design, and will make sure your printed pieces always look sharp.

I am a perfectionist.

I take pride in my work and set very high standards for myself. I will only deliver work that lives up to my expectations. That is what every one of my clients deserves and has come to expect. My work is meticulously thought out and planned. I do not just make things pretty as that is just the tip of the iceberg. I make things work. Design must be effective in order to communicate.

I truly love design!

I currently have a full time job as a project co-ordinator and designer where I get to work with major consumer brands, advertising agencies and photographers to optimize packaging and brand presence in print and television commercials. I love design and am a workaholic. For any freelance job I take on, I will work on evenings and weekends to get it done.

Rest assured that I will handle your project with lots of passion and tender-loving care. If I feel what you're doing, I will also consider flexible budgets, given the right opportunities.